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Infographic: Android vs iOS Reading Habits via Oyster

oyster logoWho’s up for an infographic on reading habits?

Earlier today Oyster posted a new infographic in their blog which shows the reading habits of Android vs iOS users of Oyster’s subscription ebook service. As you can see, Android users tend to read more during the day while iOS users tend to read at night  (this might be biased by Oyster iOS app launching months before the Android app).

Android users were more likely to pick up a copy of Vonnegut, while iOS users read Philip K Dick. Android users also tended to read faster than iOS users, and spend longer stretches reading.

The following infographic is based on an unknown sample size, so it shouldn’t be taken as a representative sample of all mobile readers, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Feel free to make your leave observations in the comments.

iOS Android Infographic Oyster

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Nighty July 1, 2014 um 4:42 pm

Actually, according to the infographic, Android readers read both faster AND longer (it says Android readers take 20.9 seconds to read a page versus 26.6 for iOS reders).

The funny thing is that I am not surprised by the cities where each OS dominates according to Oyster. The divisions fit my mental preconcpetions/stereotypes for those cities (though I have only been to a few of them and for only brief visits at that).

The writer and book divisions don’t surprise me either.

Nate Hoffelder July 1, 2014 um 5:09 pm

Whoops. Thanks.

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