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Infographic: eBooks Made Up 5.5% of Dutch Book Sales in Q2 2015

15.0040 E-books Infographic Q4_v3.inddCB Logistics, the leading ebook distributor in the Netherlands, has just published their latest report on the sate of the Dutch ebook market.

The company formerly known as Centraal Boekhuis has been releasing its quarterly stats reports as infographics for the past couple years. The latest 'graphic reveals that ebooks now represent 27% of online book sales, and 5.5% of all book sales. That’s up slightly from last quarter.

Edit:Check out the sales graph. Do you see how the subscription revenue is almost equal to sales? ┬áThat’s going to be a bombshell next quarter.

There are around 38,000 titles available in Dutch, including 85% of the local Bestseller 60 list. Of the ebooks sold outside the Kindle Store, most are sold in Epub2 and a little over half are sold with only a digital watermark as a protection.

15.0040 E-books Infographic Q4_v3.indd

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fjtorres July 21, 2015 um 8:49 am

Just another hobbyist market.
Ebooks are being strangled on the continent.
I wonder if it is cultural or economic (small fractured markets).

Nate Hoffelder July 21, 2015 um 7:34 pm

You should go look at the sales chart again. The loan section is seeing explosive growth. According to the stats I got from CB Logistics, almost as many ebooks were loaned this past quarter as were sold (1% difference).

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