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Infographic: What Does Your Handwriting Say About Your Personality?

Ever wondered what your handwriting says about your personality?

Independent and impartial studies have shown that more than 5,000 personality traits can be identified in a person’s handwriting. Long crosses on 't’s are supposed to suggest someone who is determined and enthusiastic, but also stubborn. Short crosses indicate the writer is lazy.

Slashes used in the place of dots are said to mean the writer doesn’t have patience for inadequacy or are overly self-critical, that writer also tends to be annoyed by people who don’t learn from their mistakes.


The following infographic shares a number of traits you might find in your handwriting; do you think they’re accurate?

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Karl Bunker January 23, 2017 um 8:06 pm

Of course, most people’s "handwriting" these days begins and ends with their signature. So what most people’s handwriting "says about their personality" is "I have a personality that’s not used to making these funny little marks with a pen; isn’t there a way I can do this online with a keyboard?"

tired January 24, 2017 um 8:32 am

This is absolutely stupid. Not only is every single point wrong, but the idea that handwriting says anything about personality is a wrong-headed idea. We learn to write when we are very young, and that writing style stays static while we grow up and experience a dramatic change in personality. As Nate usually says when he’s feeling snippy… NEXT!

Nate Hoffelder January 24, 2017 um 8:41 am

Hence why I used words like "supposed", and why i made fun of the studies.

Mamie Anthoine Ney January 31, 2017 um 2:17 pm

One point is true….I do use large loops and I am a very big sports fan. Go Pats!

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