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Infographic: What Kind of Book Reader are you?

classifications of book loversAre you the type of reader who loves borrowed books so much you don’t want to give them back? Or are you a conflicted reader? Do you like to share what you’re reading (perhaps a little too much)?

Writing consultant Laura E. Kelly has created an infographic called, “Which Book Reader Species Are You?,” which explores different classifications of readers. It details 49 different types of readers, including a couple that don’t read at all.

Check it out:


classifications of book lovers


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Henrique January 30, 2014 um 9:49 am

Everytime someone even mention "the smell and feel of paper books", I cringe… Unless you put perfume in it or you recently took it from storage and it has lots of mold, books simply aren’t supposed to smell. And "the feel" should be completely irrelevant, unless you like to caress your paper book. Holding either a paper book or ebook reader is something that only serves a purpose, it’s not an action that you’re supposed to enjoy in itself.
I understand the emotional attachment to old things, but the "excuses" drive me crazy.

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