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Infographic: A Reader’s Guide to Authors and Alcohol

A famous quote “write drunk, edit sober,” widely attributed to Ernest Hemingway, is both adored and hated. (Me, I prefer the apocryphal Hunter S Thompson quote.)

The following infographic from Signature Reads details some of the more famous (or perhaps notorious) connections between writers' works, musings, and tidbits, and alcohol.

Writers and booze have mixed in profusion since man achieved those twin pinnacles of culture: written language and distillation. Sometimes they go together well, like bourbon and bitters in a finely wrought Old Fashioned. Other times? Well, it doesn’t take more than a skim through a few writers’ biographies to see how destructive the bottle can be.


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Lemondrop February 7, 2017 um 9:08 am

Yay! Liver cancer.

Nate Hoffelder February 7, 2017 um 9:44 am

Alcohol can give you cirrhosis of the liver, not liver cancer.

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