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Infographic: The Future, According to Literature

The-future-according-to-literature-full-infographicAuthors have been predicting the future in their books since Jules Verne wrote In the Year 2889. Few predictions have come true (although  EM Forster’s The Machine Stops is scarily accurate), but have you ever wondered what the present would be like if we had all the unlikely gadgets depicted in SF novels?

The following infographic should give you a good idea. It details 30 different gadgets and technologies, and the books where they can be found. With over a century of SF to choose from, there’s no way to fit all of the fictional gadgets into a single infographic. But as you can see even with only a tithe of the gadgetry, the present would be a crazy place.





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fjtorres April 11, 2016 um 10:14 am

You ever run into Lawrence Manning’s THE MAN WHO AWOKE?
That guy saw the future. 😉

author/reader April 11, 2016 um 8:23 pm

You say, "Few predictions have come true…"

Not so. very much not so. Sorry.

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