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InfoGraphic: The Wands of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Harry-Potter-Wands-HeaderJK Rowling is far from the first to write about witches and wizards, but few writers invested as much time in describing mundane details of the wands used by various characters.

The following infographic shows all of the wands from the Harry Potter books and movies, including Lord Voldemort’s (13″, yew with a phoenix feather core).

Do you see one you like? Are any of the details wrong?


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Dazrin July 26, 2016 um 1:42 pm

This is cool but is it really that hard to show them to scale for something like this?

Nate Hoffelder July 26, 2016 um 1:54 pm


J Cothron July 27, 2016 um 8:10 pm

Holly as wood is one of the palest of woods. How is it that Harry Potter’s "Holly 11″ Phoenix feather" is so dark?
According to the Wood Database page ( "Color/Appearance: Ideal lumber has a very uniform, pale white color with virtually no visible grain pattern. Knots are common, which can reduce the usable area of the wood. Can develop a bluish/gray fungal stain if not dried rapidly after cutting. Holly is usually cut during the winter and kiln dried shortly thereafter to preserve the white color of the wood."

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