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Infographic: Top Ten Book Titles, As Recommended by Librarians

Names are important. Choose the wrong name for a book or series and you can kill its sales before it even reaches the market. This is why it is so critical to find out what readers think when they read a title, and what words they use when talking about it.

Guess what? I can help you with that. The Digital Reader has just completed an extensive survey where we asked librarians to list the most commonly requested book titles. We will soon publish a report on this topic, but in the meantime here is a sampling of our results.

If you use one of these titles for your next book, it will be the first result that comes up when someone searches for the name.

  1. I Saw A Dragon on the Cover

  2. That One About Werewolves

  3. Sexy Vampires

  4. It Had Spaceships?

  5. I Heard About It On the Radio

  6. Oprah Liked It

  7. There was a Woman on the Cover – I Think She Had a Sword?

  8. They Went on a Trip

  9. It Was Blue

  10. People Died

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