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Infographic: Twenty Inspirational Quotes from YA Books

The YA book blog Hooked to Books has culled a list of two motivational quotes from some of the most popular and some of the best YA novels from the past century.

The main characters, as young and inexperienced as we are, managed to keep fighting to live their lives in their own terms. They refused to be discouraged by criticism and misfortunes, and chose to believe in themselves and preserve hopes at all times. They made their journeys count.

I fully agree these are inspiring quotes; I feel inspired to not read several of the books.

Click on the image blow to embiggen.


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Josh July 12, 2017 um 2:45 pm

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Nate Hoffelder July 12, 2017 um 3:36 pm

that is kinda the point:

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Allen F July 12, 2017 um 3:22 pm

He will when he sees a drop in readership. 😉

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(I’ve already told my provider that if they start playing games that I don’t 'need' their service that badly – local library has nice wifi.)

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