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Infographic: Working Titles of Famous Novels

Working Titles of Famous NovelsHave you ever heard of Margaret Mitchell’s acclaimed novel Tomorrow is Another Day? How about Ayn Rand’s libertarian masterpiece ‘The Strike? Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you hadn’t as the author’s changed their minds about those titles settling on ones you’ll be much more familiar with: Gone with the Wind and Atlas Shrugged.

The following infographic uncovers the working titles of some of the most well-known novels of the past century, and the reasons behind the author’s change of heart.

For example, William Golding’s original title for Lord of the Flies was nixed by one of his publishers who deemed Strangers from Within too absurd. And it probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that the working title of To Kill a Mockingbird was Atticus (he does feature prominently in the novel, as well as the original draft Go Set a Watchman).

Working Titles of Famous Novels

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