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Infographics: What Your Font Choices Say About You (2)

I have a two-fer for you today.

A lot of people think that the font types you choose for your logo, website, and other text will say something about you, your business, and your personality. I’m not sold on the idea, but there’s some truth to the related theory that font choices convey meaning to the reader.

I did find a couple fun infographics that make a connection between personality and font choices.

The first comes via Twitter, and was hosted on The Visual Communications Guy blog (I could not find the original post, sorry). It makes cracks about the type of person who would choose each font.

click to enlarge

The second infographic explains the psychology behind font choices. It divides all fonts into 5 general categories, and explains how a reader will see them:

You should take careful consideration when choosing a logo font. As you may already know, people have certain feelings, emotions, and associations when they see certain colors. What you may not realize is that they have a similar response to typefaces and fonts.

So, for example, if you want to portray that your business is traditional or respectable, you might want to consider a serif typeface. If you want to people to see your business as stable or modern, you should lean towards a sans serif typeface.

Do you think that is good advice?

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Mike W. February 21, 2018 um 7:53 am

For me, being an old guy, I always prefer a sans serif font. Forget the connotations, my eyes aren’t as good as I would like.

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