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Inkbook Prime Updated With 300 PPI Screen, Color-Shifting Frontlight

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Amazon may be happy to keep selling the four-year-old Kindle Voyage but the same is not true for its smaller competitors. The Polish ereader importer ArtaTech has updated its two-year-old Inkbook Prime ereader.  The new model has a higher resolution screen and (possibly) an improved frontlight.

The Inkbook Prime HD runs Android 4.2 on a quad-core 1.6 GHz CPU with 512 MB RAM, and 8GB storage. It has both Wifi and Bluetooth, and packs in a 2Ah battery.

The Prime HD appears to be almost identical to the earlier model, but it does have a few improvements. The screen resolution is now 300ppi, compared to 212 PPI in the original model, and the specs now mention a frontlight "with light color temperature management".

Judging by the Inkbook Lumos which I have had for a week now, the frontlight on the Prime HD will be much milder than you would find on a Kobo model. The frontlight on my Lumos review unit ranges in color from a blue-white to a pale yellow-orange. I find that to be more than enough variation for my tastes, but then again I never really liked the stronger orange color settings on Kobo devices.

I am less pleased with the Lumos’s general poor performance, but the frontlight is quite nice.

You can find the Inkbook Prime HD in ArtaTech’s store, where it retails for 139 euros.


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BoB September 8, 2018 um 12:23 pm

Hi Nate.
Are you going to do video review on that Lumos or Prime HD? I’m really curios how that frontlight looks like? How do they(ArtaTech) managed light shift from just 8 LED’s. New software? Other companies use 15 or 16 LED’s, 8 blue and 8 yellow, like Kobo or PocketBook. Like you I’m not a fan of Kobo max warm light, is too orange. PocketBook got better, softer yellow warm light. Thanks. Regards.

Nate Hoffelder September 11, 2018 um 9:02 am

I am going to try to do a video of the Lumos, yes.

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