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InoReader Launches Updated Chrome Extension, Android App

InoReader is inoreader logoone of the many independent news reader services that launched following the demise of Google Reader (it’s still thriving in the shadow of Feedly), and it came across my desk today with the news of a couple updates.

They’ve released new versions of their Android app and their Chrome extension.  The former is still under beta development, while the latter is now does more than simply notify you when your feeds have new content to read.

The Android app can be found in Google Play, and in addition to bug fixes and design improvements, the app also now has an option for only updating over Wifi, an offline sync mode, and an option to disable the in-app web browser.

inoreader android

The full list of improvements can be found here. On a related note, the app in Google Play has been updated again since that list was posted, but the latest update only added a single feature.

InoReader’s Chrome extension has also been updated. It can’t pull double duty as an feed reading web app, but it has been improved so it acts as more than just a reminder than you have posts to read.

This extension now tells users which feeds have new content, and it also lets users subscribe to the website they are currently visiting:


The extension can be found at the Google Chrome Web store.


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Alan Roberts March 12, 2014 um 1:32 pm

They have actually released a huge update to their web interface and it’s just stunning. The Android app is still not finished and I suggest anyone to sign in their web site first.

Alan Roberts March 12, 2014 um 1:41 pm

I mean their app is really good, don’t get me wrong. It just lacks the ability to add content.

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