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Inside the Kobo Aura

kobo aura fccKobo’s newest ereader showed up on the FCC website about a month before it launched, but I couldn’t show you much at the time because the most interesting details were under an embargo.

That embargo expired a few days ago, and I can know offer you an inside look at the Kobo Aura.

Unfortunately I cannot offer a good look; the teardown photos posted on the FCC website are incomplete. They stopped before getting to the point of disassembling the screen and the front panel, but I did notice one interesting change.

kobo aura fcc

The new Aura lacks the internal microSD card slot found on some of Kobo’s other ereaders, which might make it a little less appealing to hack. But other than that it largely the same components as any other ereader: a battery, circuit board, microSD card slot, and an E-ink screen.

This ereader is expected to ship next week, with a retail of $149. It’s equipped with 4GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, Wifi, and runs Kobo’s proprietary software on a 1GHz CPU.


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Jason September 10, 2013 um 6:06 pm

Me thinks that the Aura will retail for $149…not $139.
I wish though…

Kobo Aura hacks – A.Quarter.To.Seven April 26, 2015 um 6:13 pm

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