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Intel now working on an Ebook App Creation Tool

Details are still sketchy, and I am not sure how it works. But I have confirmed that developers at Intel are indeed working on a new tool that will help you make an ebook app.

Last week I happened across a new page on Intel’s developer support site.  They had accidentally put it online, and it showed up in a Google Search Alert. The page doesn’t really say anything beyond the fact that there was an app creator (and the name of one of the Intel engineers working on it), but it’s still there if you want to see it.

I searched and could not find more info, and then I registered and searched again. Still nothing. Eventually i got in contact with the named engineer and he confirmed a few details.

This tool is in a closed beta now, and it’s due to be publicly launched in about a month at the AppUp Elements event. Jim offered to get me into the closed beta, which I accepted.

BTW, that closed beta was why I held this story for a week. I was giving Intel time to send me the NDA for the beta but they did not. This would have kept me from posting until the unveiling, but luckily they never got back to me. I know hardly anything, but I think I can make a few guesses.

Based on when it’s going to launch, I think the "Create an E-book App" tool will likely create apps for AppUp, Intel’s app store. That means we might see them on Windows and on Meego.

Based on Jim’s email, I think this tool was developed for the non-programmer. I’m not sure of the tech skill level  involved but it is likely to require less skill than a couple semesters of programming classes (but more skill than MS Word).

In any case,  more will be revealed on the 29th of September. Stay tuned.

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