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Introducing the 23″ MegaPad Android tablet (video)

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Do you think that size really does matter? Have you ever wanted to get a tablet that will cut off circulation to your legs? If you’ve ever felt that the iPad was too small, I have just the thing for you.

The following demo video was shot by Martin Drashkov. It shows his one of a kind Android tablet. He hasn’t released all the details yet, but he did say that it cost around $600 in parts and that it is running Android v2.3 GingerBread.

As you can see, he has Google Earth and Fruit Ninja running on it. (Apparently he doesn’t know the unspoken rule that you’re supposed to use Angry Birds in the demo video.)  But as cool as this might be, it also illustrates one of the problems with Android; you cannot use just part of the screen. The inability to have several windows open at once is really going to get in the way of doing heavy duty work or multi-tasking.


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MNielsen September 21, 2011 um 12:53 pm

This will look so obsolete when Apple releases the iBoard later this year!
Seriously though, it does make for a possible interactive display for businesses.

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