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Introducing the Waterstones Watch (video)

Just about every tech company short of Amazon has released a smartwatch, and now we have retailers getting into the market.

On Friday, the UK bookseller Waterstones unveiled its surprise entrant into the wearables market. The Waterstones Watch features a unique hardware design with a high resolution display which looks just like paper.

Waterstones promises that:

The watch is fully backwards compatible. It supports every model of book created since the invention of the printing press over 550 years ago.

It is also entirely customisable. You can create your own model from almost any genre to make the Waterstones Watch truly represent who you are.

There’s no word on the official release date or price, but I have heard that several gadget makers, including Samsung and Xiaomi, are already working on their own versions of the Waterstones Watch. In fact, my contact at Samsung insists that they thought of this idea first, and they are upset that Waterstones copied _them_.

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