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iPad 3 Parts Leaked Online

If you were hoping for an iPad Mini, sorry but it’s not happening this time around. Cult of Mac got their hands on a nearly complete set of parts photos for the new iPad 3, and it’s going to look a lot like the iPad 2.

Oh, and I’m not even calling this one a rumored set of photos; they’re too complete for that and the reported source sounds legit.  The parts photos came from a UK based repair service, and they look an awful lot like parts from the iPad 2. This is either an exceptionally elaborate hoax or it’s the real thing.

I think it’s the later. This wasn’t the only leak. The iPad3 backside also ended up in the hands of another blog, and they posted  side by side photo of the iPad 2 and iPad 3. The 2 leaked backsides look identical, and they look enough like the iPad 2 that I believe they’re real.

So, any guesses on when it will hit the market?

Update: AllThingsD is reporting that it will be launched in March.

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