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iPad Air Fails the Drop Test & Doesn’t Fair Too Well Against Bullets (video)

The iPad ipad airAir started shipping last week and that means it is time for yet another video of a new and other wise unblemished gadget being destroyed (it’s called the BlendTec law).

The following video puts the iPad Air through a number of torture tests starting with the most basic: a drop test.

It turns out that the iPad Air is surprisingly fragile; not only did the screen break when the tablet was dropped on concrete, it also broke when dropped on dirt. That should not have been enough to kill this tablet.

And after TA thoroughly killed the iPad Air, that’s when the fun began. First they peppered it with an airsoft gun and then they demonstrated that the tablet wasn’t bullet proof.

They eventually manage to shoot it enough times that it explodes. Well, it doesn’t technically explode but the screen, shell, and components head in different directions at high speed. That is close enough to exploding to suit me. It was pretty cool.

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Michelle Louring November 4, 2013 um 3:40 pm

I’m not fond of Apple products in general, but I still cringe when I see an expensive piece of technology being treated like this…

Dazrin November 4, 2013 um 4:01 pm

Ya, that wasn’t an airsoft that made it explode. 50 cal is much less forgiving.

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S T Cameron November 5, 2013 um 8:42 am

Damn. I guess I’ll have to get a different tablet to use as armor.

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