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iriver Won’t be Unveiling a New Ebook Reader at CES

Well this is frustrating. I’ve just gotten an email from Jamie Roberts, a PR rep with iriver. The gadget maker is bailing on my appointment because the upper management is overbooked on meeting with partners and customers. Something had to give, and my appointment was it.

Normally I’d be annoyed at being bumped, but not this time. You see, the rep also told me that they won’t be making any major announcements. Let me quote the rep just to be clear:

As it turns out, iriver doesn’t have any major product announcements at CES, so perhaps this works out all around.

On the other hand this sucks is a completely different way. iriver had gotten a lot of attention a few weeks back when they told everyone that they were going to unveil a new ebook reader. They didn’t release very many details, but it was rumored to be based on the same screen as the iriver Story HD and possibly run on Android.

I was really looking forward to that device. But at least I can console myself with breaking the news that it won’t be on display.

Of course, I’m going to have to add a word of  caution. The rep might have been mistaken or he might have fudged details. I’m still planning to look the new device when I visit the iriver booth at CES next week. It will only take a brief 90 second walkthrough to make sure it’s not in their booth.

I hope it is.

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