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How Ironic: Harlequin Authors Stand Up To Bullying

logo-harlequin-sfund1[1]Someone at Harlequin either has a great sense of humor or is completely blind to the irony of the following situation.

There’s a new post over on the Harlequin Reader Service blog this morning (found via TPV blog) which informs us that Harlequin authors are taking a stand against bullying (I wonder if that includes bullying by their publisher):

Hello everyone! Today is a bit of a serious post – regarding a topic that has, in some way, affected every one of us, at some point in our lives. Today, we’ll be talking about bullying.

There are so many of us in the world who have been a victim of bullying. Whether it is in the workplace, school, or even just out in public – you should never allow a bully to succeed, or be a bully yourself. Some of our authors here at Harlequin have taken the time to give their advice on how to stick up to bullies.

If you don’t see the humor or the irony, let me explain. That post is full of suggestions on how kids can respond to bullying. If authors used these tips to respond to the bullying behavior of major legacy publishers, they would be labeled unprofessional and blacklisted.

Coming from a major publisher, this is rich. But when you remember that this is coming from a publisher who is being sued for cheating its authors out of royalties, the irony – it burns.

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snorton November 26, 2014 um 2:11 am

Ironic and juvenile indeed. The editors should monitor some of their authors' posts to fans. During the time of the rise of self-published books, one Harlequin author encouraged her fans to post negative reviews and graphics on the internet and on Goodreads of another author’s books pages bashing the books and the author, while recommending that Harlequin author’s books. Bullying? Yes, it should be part of their training.

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