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Is This the Next iPhone?

iphone_5s_interior[1]MacRumors has just posted a couple leaked photos of what is supposed to be the next iPhone.

The iPhone 5S, as it is widely called, looks to have internal design that is only slightly changed from the existing iPhone 5. There are indications that this unit could be using the modified logic board which leaked earlier this week, but at this point it’s not clear whether this prototype also has the rumored larger screen.

Based on the proportions of the iPhone in the photo, I would tend to think it doesn’t. MacRumors also doesn’t mention the possibility, and that leads me to think they think this unit has the same proportions as the current iPhone.


There’s not much else I can say about the device pictured. Unfortunately there is just the one internal photo and the one photo of the rear shell. The latter reveals a new pill shaped Flash for the rear camera, and the internal photo shows that this prototype has a more powerful battery than the existing iPhone, but that’s about all that can be said.

So is this real? Probably.

We’re now in the tail end of June. If Apple is going to be releasing a new iPhone it will be launched in the next few months. Production of the new iPhone and its accessories would be starting right about now, and that means that a prototype might wander a little further than Apple might like.

These leaked photos fit the pattern of past leaks which turned out to be true, so there is a better than even chance that these are the real deal as well.

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