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iVerse Comics Plus app updated with support for PDF, CBZ, CBR

icon175x175[1]With the US digital comics market dominated by Comixology, iVerse has had to adopt a different strategy to catch and keep readers. That’s why iVerse rolled out a new version of their digital comics app yesterday.

With the v8.0 update, the Comics Plus app for iOS and Android gains parental controls, improved filter and search functions, and more.

Chief among the improvements is support for comic book rentals (iOS8 only). Readers can rent one of a selection of titles for a day, 2 days, or 5 days, with costs ranging from $2 to $4 for most titles.


The update also adds support for several of the DRM-free comics formats, including PDF, CBZ, CBR, and Epub. Readers can sideload their own files, and then create a guided reading mode for their favorite comics. This mode, which iVerse is calling uView enhanced reading experience, is intended to give a reader the optimal reading experience by directing them from one part of the page to the next.

And once a reader has scripted the best way to read a comic, they can save that script as a separate file and then share it online with another enthusiast.

I’m still playing around with the app. Well, actually I’m having trouble with iOS8 not letting me sideload any files, so at this point I can’t confirm that the new format support exists.

But if you would like to try it yourself, the new app can be found in iTunes and (I think) Google Play. The GP listing shows that the app was updated yesterday, but it still has the old description so the update may or may not have been applied.


  •  All-New Design
  •  Graphic Novel Rentals w/ OFFLINE READING
  •  uView enhanced reading experience
  •  Enhanced Search w/ Popular and Saved Search Options
  •  Import Digital File support (ePub, PDF, CBR, CBZ)
  •  uView creation and editing for imported files
  •  In-App Parental Controls


Google Play

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