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Japan Display Debuts a New 10″ Screen With 438 ppi Resolution

Samsung20140423_b has a reputation for making the highest resolution and best quality tablet and smartphone screens, but now it looks like they have some serious competition.

Japan Display unveiled a new 10″ panel today, and it puts both Samsung’s and Apple’s best displays to shame.

The new panel has a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160. That is a higher resolution that the Retina display on the iPad Air and it’s even higher than the 10.1″ screen on the Galaxy Note Pro 10.1. This is Japan Display’s second hi-res tablet screen; the first debuted last year and measured  12.1″ (365ppi).

There’s no word yet on who will be buying the screen or when we might see it in a tablet, but JDI is already shipping samples to device makers. They’re also saying that the new panel uses the same amount of energy as Samsung’s best WQXGA screen, meaning that the extra pixels don’t come at the expense of battery life.

20140423_bJapan Display might not sound like an impressive name but this is rapidly becoming a name to remember. This company, which went through an IPO last month, was created in 2012 by merging the struggling screen divisions of Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba.

In the past couple years JDI has debuted a low-powered LCD screen that incorporated RAM into each pixel, a high resolution 5.5″ screen (which some assumed would be used in the next iPhone), and in January 2014 they debuted new screen units intended for the wearables market.

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