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Jay-tech EB10 – 7″ LCD e-reader for 119€

Jay-tech, a consumer electronics company based in Germany, have announced a new ereader. The EB10 has a 7″ LCD screen (800×480), 2GB Flash, but no Wifi or touchscreen. It' supports Adobe DE DRM, and it can read html, txt, pdb, fb2, Epub, and PDF. Battery life is supposed to be around 5 hours. It’s going to be sold in the Schlecker drug store chain in Germany; retail is 119€.

You might want to get it as a lark, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a serious ereader. They’re selling it for slightly more than I paid for my SmartQ 7, and I bought that last year.

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RobBrown November 1, 2010 um 5:44 pm

Can someone please tell me, am I alone in my opinion that 480px is too low a horizontal resolution? I often turn my 800×600 device sideways to get better horizontal definition even though it means having to manually scroll vertically.

This looks like a dreadful piece of rubbish. How long until Joe Public gets turned off the whole idea of e-readers because the devices they see in their main street stores are either expensive or crap?

BTW – "alrk"? Do you mean "lark"?

Nate the great November 1, 2010 um 6:03 pm

I’ve had tablets with both 800×480 and 800×600 screens, and the extra 120 pixels makes a big difference.

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