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JellyBooks Shuts Down Its eBook Discovery Service

JellyBooks has announced that it is shutting down its ebook discounting service as part of its pivot to focus on reader analytics.

In March 2012, we started a service to help readers discover books. We experimented with new online approaches to presenting books and explored the challenges of book discoverability.

We learnt a lot doing this, but some of our ideas and aspirations did not quite work out. One of the things that happened along the way is that we started a little side project called “Reader Analytics”.

This project has come to dominate everything Jellybooks does and it is now our sole focus. As a result, we have decided with a heavy heart to end our discovery platform and the “legacy” service will end on 31st August.

On 1st July, we will stop updating the catalogue and on 31st August access to content on the discovery homepage and your “My Books” area will cease (ebooks distributed under the reader analytics programme will be unaffected).

When JellyBooks launched five years ago, its main focus was an ebook discovery marketing service where publishers could offer a deal. If enough readers expressed interest, they would get the deal.

I never really understood the value proposition of the discounting service for readers, but the reader analytics service benefits everyone.

Readers get a free ebook, and publishers get data on how readers interact with the ebook: the page they stopped on, how long they spent reading the book, etc. It’s the kind of data that Apple and other ebook retailers can collect if you read an ebook in their app – data which they usually don’t share with publishers.

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