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KDP Jumpstart Guides Authors Through the Steps of Publishing a Book

There are a hundred and one places where authors can learn about publishing a book on KDP, including online forums, webinars, niche websites, Youtube, and conferences, but that’s not enough for Amazon.

Yesterday Amazon sent out an email for KDP Jumpstart, its new instructional site.

New to Kindle Direct Publishing? Want a simple, step-by-step guide to publishing on Amazon?

Try KDP Jumpstart, an end-to-end guide for turning your finished manuscript into a published book.. KDP experts created this guide to help authors self-publish easily and effectively.. Use the industry advice in KDP Jumpstart and put your best book forward!

KDP Jumpstart includes:

  • 12 step-by-step topics covering everything you need to know to publish on KDP
  • Video resources, activities, insider tips, and downloadable companion guides
  • Webinars for you to connect live with Amazon experts – Join us for KDP Publishing Essentials, this Monday, October 23rd 1PM PST/4PM EST.

Unlike Author Insights, the informational site Amazon launched earlier this year,  KDP Jumpstart focuses on just publishing a book on KDP.

According to Amazon, Jumpstart covers all the intricacies of Amazon’s platform:

KDP experts created this step-by-step guided approach to help authors self-publish easily and effectively. Use the industry advice we’ll give you and put your best book forward. Most KDP Jumpstart topics include these sections:

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Carmen Webster Buxton October 17, 2017 um 4:52 pm

Looking over the steps in this guide, two things strike me. First, they include both paperback and Kindle steps lumped together. In light of the recent closing of the CreateSpace store, which you reported on, I think this might indicate that Amazon plans to do away with CreateSpace as an option. Self publishing on Amazon will be all KDP all the time.

Second, they don’t seem to mention the new X-Ray feature for Kindle books at all. Possibly, that will change in future. I hope so because I am enthusiastic about it. I even wrote a blog post.

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