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KDP University

Chris McMullen has brought my attention to one of Amazon’s educational programs for publishers.

Amazon is now holding webinars online (there’s even one scheduled for later today) and also posting them to Youtube. It’s part of what Amazon is calling KDP University.

KDP University is one of the help pages in KDP where you can find resources on the business of publishing, including a formatting guide for print books, webinars, videos on topics ranging from taxes to Kindle Store SEO, and KDP JumpStart, Amazon’s beginner’s guide to KDP.

Amazon is offering its next webinar today at 6 pm eastern. It is titled  What KDP authors & publishers should know about taxes and runs for about an hour. Visit the KDP University page on to register for this or other webinars.


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Will Entrekin February 7, 2019 um 11:37 am

This is totally brilliant.

I’d love to see some videos on the pre-publication work: craft, style, prose, etc. I realize it’s more subjective than coding and building a book, but I think it would be terrifically useful in the indie community.

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