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Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund EPUBReader for Firefox

The best epub add-ons for Firefox needs your help.

Michael Volz, the developer of the EpubReader Add-On for Firefox, launched a KS campaign last week to raise funds so he could redevelop the extension and keep it online.

As he explained on Kickstarter:

Firefox announced massive changes to the Firefox Add-on interface. The result will be, that EPUBReader won’t work any longer in a few months. To avoid this, it’s necessary to rewrite EPUBReader almost completely. As EPUBReader is a very complex Add-on, the effort to do this is high.

I’m working as a freelance software developer. So the fundraiser is run to allow me the full-time work on the needed development.

You can back the campaign on Kickstarter.

Volz set a goal of 25,000 euros and has so far raised about 60%.

Will you help him get the rest of the way?


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Miss P. February 9, 2017 um 11:33 am

He is doing an all-or-nothing Kickstarter and if he doesn’t get all the money he will be paid what did get donated and do nothing. What’s wrong with this picture?

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EPUB SDK April 27, 2017 um 11:02 am

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