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Kindle 4 PC updated & it’s still broken

I was just reading a few minutes ago that there was a new Kindle for PC update out today. I was ever so hopeful that I might be able to use this update to finally fix the problems I’ve encountered. I downloaded it.

It’s actually not a new update. This one has been up as a manual download for a few weeks now and the only change today was that you will be prompted to download it automatically.


If I were you then I wouldn’t download it. A fair number of people at MobileRead have had trouble with this specific update; it’s not just me. It seems like the update doesn’t like certain hardware. But since it’s not clear exactly which devices will break the update the best option would be to avoid it entirely.

That’s a pity. I’m told it has better collections support and some new Shelfari options (I would have loved to test them).

But if you have installed the udpate, you can find instructions on how to fix it here.

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Andrys August 18, 2011 um 1:17 pm

Nate, I mentioned this was released 'earlier' — the new one, I mentioned, was the one for Mac , 2 days ago, but I linked to a forum thread discussing woes some had with the version for PC (which is why I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog earlier) and one person found that 1.6.1 fixed his own recent woes. The Mac’s auto-update had left people’s KforMac a mess too but 1.6.2 has apparently fixed things.

I’m not having any probs on k4pc 1.6.1 but am on Win XP still on a pc clone, Asus motherboard . Used it for about 1/2 hour exploring the various features.

Nate Hoffelder August 18, 2011 um 1:37 pm

You did say that, sorry.

It’s just that I realized that it’s been a month since I’ve had this problem and Amazon still hasn’t fixed it. I got a little pissed.

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