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Kindle BonFire Is Rumored to Ship in Q2 2012

There is another rumor out today about the Kindle Fire’s larger sibling.

Digitimes is reporting that the larger Kindle Fire, which I am dubbing the Kindle Bonfire, is not going to launch for quite a few months. The current predicted launch date is right where I thought it would be when the first rumors appeared a couple months back (right after the Kindle Fire launch event).

The Kindle BonFire is now expected to ship some time in the second quarter of 2012. It’s still rumored to be an 8.9″ screen and it is still supposed to be made by Foxconn. Today’s rumor also adds another twist to the story; Foxconn will reportedly become one of the manufacturers of the current Kindle Fire.

Foxconn is a name that everyone should know; they are so large that they make a gadget for just about everyone. Chances are you own at least one device that they were hired to assemble. For example, Foxconn has been the primary manufacturer of the Kindle since the first one launched four years ago.

BTW, I decided to give the larger Kindle Fire a nickname. I’m going to call it the Kindle BonFire. No, that’s not a sign of any inside knowledge; I just wanted an easy way to refer to it. It almost certainly exists, so I will likely be talking about it in the future.

But that’s a good name, isn’t it? It’s a larger fire, and you can throw your books, movies, and music on it. (And yes, that is my sense of humor coming into play.)

P.S. Since this gadget is only a rumor, I’m going back to the unicorn lead photo.

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curiosity killed the… November 21, 2011 um 11:44 am

how about the name Kindle Fusion?

also when i 1st started hearing about the 2 kindles coming out they mentioned a Nov-dec release for the smaller 1 and a February release for the larger 1.

February does kind of make sense since it will still be a dual-core and come march the new ipad will be out and the apple side of quad-cores will be on the table. also with the transformer prime not showing up till December now(was slated for a later nov release) i highly doubt there will be more than 3 quad-core tablets out on the android side before the ipad 3 comes out which gives amazon that much more of an advantage that it will actually succeed while there’s still a plethora of high end dual-cores being pushed way over priced(after holiday sales)
all i can say is if they release it after ipad they are in for a bumpy ride cause July-august was about the cut off point when all major companies had their version of a high-end dual-core tablet out. so a February release would give them a solid 4 months of basically no competition for price points and about 6 months it will fall prey to just another dual-core status in a sea of quad-cores just like all the other single-core tablets that hit the July brick wall this year and dropped below $150 into the bargain bin tablets.

then again..i have no idea what they plan on charging for this new kindle if its not like $300 max they may already be in a loosing position cause the high-end dual-cores are circling around $350 price point now and during the holiday sales they seem to be within the $250-300 price point. come January i wouldn’t be surprised if for each quad-core that comes out then their existing dual-core bites the dust at the $250 mark.

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