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Kindle DX on Clearance at Staples for $130?

Several Reddit readers have reported that Staples is having an unannounced clearance for Amazon’s larger ereader, but I haven’t been able to confirm it. It’s supposedly selling for $130 in store, and there’s no sign of the sale on the website.

But there are multiple confirmations on Reddit, so this is definitely worth looking into.  But how d0 you do that?

The Staples website might not list the KDX, but the back end supply system does. And you can access it from the web.

There’s a site that will let you look up the stock inventory for Staples, Target, and Home Depot. You can find it here. You’ll need to enter your area code along with this code:


If you do get one, let me know that it worked. My local stores don’t have them in stock.

In case anyone is wondering, I don’t think this is a sign that the KDX is on the way out. Amazon is still selling the KDX for $380 new in box, and they are even selling refurbished stock for $245. I think this clearance sale came round because Staples never sold very many KDX. That doesn’t surprise me; it’s rather expensive and not nearly as capable as, say, the Asus eeePad Transformer.

But I also don’t see a replacement KDX coming anytime soon; it’s not a good design and a lot of tablets can do more for less.

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Dustin Sullivan February 20, 2012 um 11:09 am

Thanks for the heads up! My wife just successfully got one for that price.

CJJ February 20, 2012 um 4:57 pm

Darn, none within a hundred miles. I already had my coat on.

RS February 20, 2012 um 8:08 pm

I got one in Central PA at this price, minus 5% because it was open box. Thanks for the tip, Nate.

charlie dulin February 21, 2012 um 2:39 pm

nothing close to Portland OR

charlie dulin February 21, 2012 um 2:42 pm

but there are some in Wayne PA and Collegeville PA

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