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Kindle Fire Coming to the UK This Year (Again) – I Call BS

So the Kindle Fire is once again launching in the UK. The Inquirer reported yesterday that:

Amazon will launch its Kindle Fire ereader in the UK this October, British retailers Currys and PC World revealed today.

The two Dixons Retail group stores disclosed the news at a ridiculously early pre-Christmas press event today when they listed Amazon’s tablet in their list of predicted top 10 best-selling Christmas gifts of 2012.

Bollocks, I say.

Similar rumors have come up before, with the last one having been invented by The Register back in April. There was also an earlier rumor that the Kindle Fire launch in France in March. As you can probably guess, neither rumor came true.

And while I’m pretty sure that the Kindle Fire will launch in the UK, I’m not so sure that this rumor has any basis in reality.

I will grant you that Amazon is launching the Kindle Fire in the UK, and I’ll grant you that they will have retailers ready to sell the Kindle Fire. (BTW, it’s more likely to be the next Kindle Fire, not the current model, but that’s neither here nor there.)

But what I do not believe is whether the retailers mentioned above would come out and say that the KF is launching in the UK in a given time frame. Assuming a deal had been struck, it would be very closely held secret in the corporate offices, not general knowledge. What’s more, Amazon’s retail partners are almost certainly going to be under an NDA, and there’s virtually no chance that any of the handful of people who know about this deal would go on stage and tell the world.

No, I think it much more likely that this rumor comes from people who don’t have inside information. And in case you didn’t notice, there are no names attached to the rumor. That alone should be enough to make you wonder whether this was simply gossip shared at a press event or a real announcement.

P.S. And if that’s not enough to convince you, The Bookseller has already posted a denial from the Dixons Group head office.


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