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Kindle Fire to Get Docking Station in July

Finally the Kindle Fire gets its own iPod-ish speaker dock.

An email is going around this morning from Grace Digital Audio. They’re showing off their newest gadget, the FireDock, which is going to be $130 speaker dock for the Kindle Fire.

That might seem a little expensive, but it comes with 2 speakers, a remote control, and an optional li-On battery. It’s also designed to charge the KF while it’s in use, and you can set the dock to hold the Kindle Fire in either landscape or portrait mode.

That is a fair amount of hardware, and it looks to be a better value than similar Nook and Kindle Fire docks that showed up a few months back. I’m usually not one to invest in a dock, but this one looks pretty enough that I might get it.


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charlie dulin March 29, 2012 um 11:24 pm

Fire Dock? Seriously where is the Marketing department? Should be the Fire Station or the Fire Place!

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