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Kindle Fire Update Adds Full-Screen Web Browser

Amazon started pushing out a new update for the Kindle Fire last night, and just like the last update this one undoes the root and disables all hacks that you might have installed.

The new software version is 6.2.2.  Early reports are already in, and this update appears to add just one feature. Silk, Amazon’s own web browser, now has  full screen mode (like most Android web browsers).

This update is being pushed out over the air and you might already have it. If so, then you probably want to hack you tablet gain. That’s easy; XDA Forum member and  hacker Justin Case has already updated his BurritoRoot utility. It will work even after the latest update. You can find BurritoRoot 2 at the xda-developers forum (just not today; XDA went dark in protest of SOPA).

If you really want the update, you can download it direct from Amazon. Copy it to the kindleupdates folder. Then go into the settings menu and tell it to update.

via Liliputing

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Mario January 19, 2012 um 7:20 am

Are you still using Fire or your daughter is only user? 😀
I consider selling my Dell Streak 5 and buying Kindle Fire, bigger screen and better battery sound nice to me. Opinion?

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