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Kindle for Android Update v4.22 Adds Flash Cards, Export Option for Your Notes and Highlights

amazon-kindle One of the niftier features of the Kindle app for iPad/iPhone is the way you can export your notes in the form of an email. This was the easiest way to download/export your Kindle notes and highlights, hands down, and now the feature has come to the Kindle app for Android (but not the Fire tablet).

Amazon released a new update to the Kindle app for Android on Monday. Here’s the changelog from Google Play:

  • Flashcards, notebook export, and improved notebook filtering available on more books
  • Screen brightness controls available on more books including comics and manga
  • Several experience improvements and bug fixes

The one significant improvement are the new notebook features. While the Android app has had a notebook menu, it didn’t used to let you export your notes.

You can find/open the Notebook from inside an ebook. Click the "3 dots" icon in the upper right corner, and then select the Notebook option from the dropdown menu.

The sharing menu can be found by pressing the "less than" icon found in the upper right corner of the Notebook menu. You can either create flashcards or export the notes to Drive, by email, or by Android Beam. The app can also generate optional citations for the notes in either MLA, APA, or Chicago Style (a feature the iPad app lacks).


All in all, this is great news for Kindle users. There’s a solid minority who take notes in their Kindle app and have been frustrated by an inability to export those notes.

While I have written a whole post devoted to downloading those notes, those tricks don’t work in all parts of the world and some do not work with sideloaded ebooks.

This export option in the Android and iOS apps works with all ebooks which have that Notebook menu, and that means that someone taking notes in a personal ebook can now more easily export those notes.

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Dom December 13, 2016 um 6:13 pm

Hi there,

I found your article as I have exported my kindle note book. Once I placed it into evernote and clicked on it – it asked me which app to use to open the attached export. This didn’t work so well.

Then I tried again and shared it to Google Drive. The outcome was much better as it created a html file that was readable.

Any tips if which is the best app to share the "export notebook" for the optimum readability?

Nate Hoffelder December 14, 2016 um 7:35 am

I don’t know, sorry.

I usually just use a web browser, and then copy it to Word or whatever app I am using at the moment.

Fabian Schuster January 28, 2017 um 6:40 am

I also am generally happy with the export function of the notebook. This feature got me into using kindle now in the first place. However, a big let-down and for me a very immediate problem is, that apparently editors can put a percentage limit on your note export. In the case of the academic book I am using it for (writing my masters-thesis) this limit is shortly below 10% and this lets me only export about a quarter of the highlights I set. Does anybody know how to work around this limit?

Vikarti Anatra January 28, 2017 um 9:50 am

hi, Fabian
does helps ? (

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