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Kindle for iOS v6.23 Adds Library eBook Filter

Did you know that iOS no longer tells you when you have an app that has an update? I just learned that myself today when I heard that the Kindle iOS app was updated a couple weeks ago, and no one noticed.

The new version of the Kindle app adds a filter option for your ebook library, and an option to download Audible audiobooks in the background.

The new library ebook filter doesn’t let you browse for library ebooks (now that would be cool – in fact, why can’t you browse for library ebooks from inside the Kindle app?). What the filter does is only show the library ebooks currently in your collection.

Here’s where you can find the filter on the iPad:

Here’s the changelog:

  • Public Library Filter: Filter to view books you’ve checked out from your public library.
  • Audible Companion Download: Choose to have your Audible companion auto-download in the background when you download the paired book. Enable this option via app settings.

You can find the app in the app store formerly known as iTunes.

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Stephen October 13, 2019 um 10:13 pm

Well it does tell you but a little buried now. You have to open the App Store. Then click your account icon on top right then scroll down. May even have to pull down to get it to refresh. Then you will see then and can update one at a time or do the update all. If you don’t update with the standard red number balloon indicating number to update will show on the App Store icon.

Nate Hoffelder October 13, 2019 um 10:29 pm

That’s the thing, I don’t see that red number balloon on the App Store icon.

Beverly Mason November 5, 2019 um 2:24 pm

My IOS Kindle app had the Library Book filter yesterday and now it’s gone. I’ve done nothing different. Haven’t updated either the app or my IOS. Where did it go? Loved being able to see my Library loans separately.

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