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Kindle for PC 1.24 Adds New Study Features

Amazon just started pushing out a new update. I am still waiting for it to install, but I am told that the update will make the app more useful for studying.

The previous update added new font options and a new multi-column mode.


  1. New study features: When you create notes, highlights, or bookmarks, these are automatically stored in the Notebook. The updated Notebook panel will now open automatically allowing you to view your notes, highlights, and bookmarks side-by-side with your book. You can also create Flashcards and export notes directly from the Notebook panel. To close the Notebook simply click the arrows on the left of the panel.
  2. Improved navigation between the book and Notebook: Simply click on a highlight in the Notebook and you will automatically navigate to that location in the book (and vice-versa).
  3. Bug fixes and usability enhancements.

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Xavier Basora June 13, 2018 um 10:06 pm


All this is very nice but where’s the export option? Kinda useless that my notes and stuff are silo’ed in the kindle inaccessible.

Nate Hoffelder June 14, 2018 um 9:05 am

this might help:

Sunil T June 14, 2018 um 7:32 pm

To export your notes and highlights-
1. click Export button on Notebook panel on right. It should open a Study overlay.
2. On Study overlay, add any additional notes if you’d like to, and then Click Save As.
This should prompt you to select folder to save the exported file.

If you like new features, give it a Thumbs Up on Study Overlay or share your feedback via Share Feedback link on Study overlay 🙂

Erich Klippel July 10, 2018 um 8:46 am

I find the study feature annoying at times. Is there a way to turn it off or disable it.

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