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Kindle for Windows 8/RT Updated With Better Support for Touchscreens

I still haven’t found a reason to downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, but if you’re already using Microsoft’s latest OS then I have a treat for you.

Amazon has reportedly  released an update for the Win8 Kindle app. It’s not clear exactly when this update came out,  but according to the latest release notes this new version of the app has better support for touchscreens.

This release includes an in-app store for touch optimized devices along with improvements to the reading and library experiences.

Considering that the existing kindle app for Windows 7 does not have an in app ebookstore, that might make the newapp worth getting as a replacement (especially if you have a touchscreen). The older app still works on Windows 8 (but not Windows RT), and you can actually have both apps installed on the same computer.

Has anyone tried the new version of the Kindle app? I’d like to hear how it compares.


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cookie December 21, 2012 um 5:19 pm

Yes I have tried it and can say it reminds me of my Android app.

One thing I found different is it appears that my Windows 8 app gives me the ability to read the book online without actually downloading it, while the Windows 7 app does not.

geni February 22, 2013 um 3:52 am

it works great but I found on my first try that some books that I downloaded for free on my old pc were priced. also there is still the problem of some my books not available on windows 8. its annoying and I have to go back to my old pc to read those books. at least now I can search for the book description.

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