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Kindle Intocable Hack Disables the Touchscreen on the Kindle Voyage

16152067962_350ef7394b_hOne reason many ereader owners love page turn buttons is that we’re frustrated when we accidentally turn the page on an ereader’s touchscreen.This has turned may off from buying the Kindle Voyage, but now there is a solution.

A hacker has revived an old hack for the Kindle Touch, and updated it for the Kindle Voyage. The hack disables the touchscreen on the Voyage so that users can only turn the page via the pseudo-page turn buttons on either side of the screen.

The hacker renamed the hack from Kindle Untouchable to Kindle Intochable, and explained how it works:

I reworked the extension to capitalize on the features of the Voyage. Using this hack, the buttons work as usual, but if you press and *hold* the 'previous page' button, it turns off the touchscreen ability. The buttons still work fine! And, if you see a word you need to look up, or a passage you need to highlight/annotate, you can just press and hold the button again to turn it back on.

In addition to it’s exploiting the Voyage’s extra buttons, it fixes a bug in the old extension: the way the old extension went forward or back a page was by sending a fake "touch" event to the device. The region this touch event "touched" usually lead to the device to advance (or go back) a page but if it happened to "click" on a link, it would follow the link. This extension, instead, sends a fake button click event that the device knows how to unambiguously interpret.

You can find the hack over on MobileRead. It requires the KUAL.

image by bfishadow

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