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Kindle for iPad and iPhone Updated, and Your Notes Are Now Searchable

Lost under the noise about Kindle VR is the story that Amazon released an update for its iOS app.

Kindle for iOS v5.13.1 has a relatively short changelog that lists just one feature, but it’s a feature that students and other ardent note-takers will appreciate.

Users can now search the notes and highlights they had made in an ebook. All they have to do is recall a word or phrase that’s in the note or highlight, type it into the search box,  and they will see a preview of the note in the search results.

You can find the app in iTunes.

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Tom S August 2, 2017 um 6:50 pm

I don’t know when it showed up (the 'left justify' update?) but Kindle for iOS now supports popup footnotes (as does the Fire, and Kindle for Android). Yet nothing in the respective release notes that I’ve found. I don’t know yet if it is bundled with the 'enhanced typography' features or works more generally.

One of these days I wish they would get around to supporting Split View.

Mike D August 2, 2017 um 8:07 pm

E-ink Kindles have had this feature since forever or at least 2012.
A very annoying side effect was that making a note in a book forced the book to be re-indexed and prevented further searches (within book) until that was complete.

Thanks for the heads-up – I see that a search of a book on my Fire HDX now shows hits in the notes as well as the text.

Mike D August 2, 2017 um 8:36 pm

@Tom S – Pop up footnotes have worked for a long time before 2014 perhaps?

Tom S August 3, 2017 um 11:23 am

Yes, Kindle has had them for a long time. But not the KIndle tablet/smartphone apps.

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