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Kindle Oasis (2017) Out of Stock at Amazon, But It’s Still in Stock at Best Buy

If you hesitated even a moment when ordering the new Oasis, chances are you are on the waiting list and won’t get your device for days or weeks.

While you could wait for Amazon to catch up with the backlog, there is another option. I heard via MobileRead that Best Buy has the Kindle in stock. You can walk in today, buy one, and take it home.

I just checked my local stores, and they all have the new Oasis in stock. Supplies are running low, though, so if you want one you need to act fast.

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Steve H. November 1, 2017 um 3:30 pm

Go get it…excellent device…no reservations!

Chris November 1, 2017 um 7:27 pm

Preordered mine from Amazon the day the became available, but still wasn’t set to get it until the 14th. However got an email from them yesterday saying my delivery date had been pushed up to the 6th. Really happy about the new date, as I’m off work that day and will have a chance to get everything set up on the new reader.

Did get my indigo cover in on the 31st though!

Mary November 2, 2017 um 9:02 am

If you think you might even remotely want it, jumping on a new Kindle right away is the best plan. Even a delay of a few hours adds days to the delivery. Mine came on Halloween, and I am already in love with it. My fear of its being too heavy was wrong and it’s great to read in bed. The extra screen size is truly noticeable and gives at least the illusion of reading faster since there are less page turns. Until someone comes up with a cover in bright colors, I will stick with the padded sleeve I made for it. I do not like the color choices or prices. I will say that the merlot leather cover of the first Oasis is good quality and holding up really well, but it is too dark for my taste. I did like the fact that the cover goes on and off instantly. I’m hoping there will be 3rd party covers like that with magnets to hold to the back, not something hard to get on and off.

Frank November 2, 2017 um 9:45 am

That is great for Amazon if more people wanted to buy it than expected. I like that there is a premium ereader that seems like a great device, even though I am fine with the PW 3 I currently use.

BDR November 2, 2017 um 12:14 pm

I’m still a big fan of the Kobo Aura One but the Oasis 2 is a damn-fine device; got mine on the 31st.

The O2 is sorely in need of lighting temperature and better margin controls; wasted left/right space on the sides is … irritating; especially given the O2’s small screen. It also has the same indexing issues endemic to all Kindles but the biggest problem for me is still the horrible collections management for sideloaded books: having the ability to manage them on the PC through Calibre — like Kobo offers — makes a world of difference. I have well over 5,000 books on the O2 and Amazon forces me to tag each one, manually, if I want to use collections. That’s insane and it effectively means that the O2 does NOT have the ability to group books into collections. Why offer 32GB if you can’t organize the content?

Still, the O2’s page buttons make up for a lot of these problems … once I actually find the book I want to read on the device. Had the Aura One page buttons, it would be the perfect e-reader.

Mary November 2, 2017 um 12:31 pm

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by "small screen." It is a 7″ vs a 6″ for previous Kindles, allowing approximately 1/3 more text. Also, the left hand margin is about 3/8″ which is pretty small, and the reason the right hand margin is so large is to have some place to hang on to when reading without a cover, which is a delight with this Kindle.

Obviously it is your choice to download that many books to your Oasis. I think I would start to twitch if I got a little past 100, plenty to choose from and I dump them off immediately after reading, considering I can download more in a twinkling. My understanding is that the 32 gig drive was intended more for those who downloaded a bunch of audiobooks, which take up huge amounts of space compared with just text. I only got an 8 gig device since it is doubtful I will ever listen to an audiobook on it. My phone or iPod is just fine for that.

tired November 2, 2017 um 12:37 pm

I agree that collections need work, but never expect Amazon to make it easier for you with side loaded content. They allow you to more easily manage collections on their website, which of course is only for Kindle books.

Juli Monroe November 2, 2017 um 2:40 pm

You can manage Collections on the Amazon site. I got my Oasis last night, and I just sent a bunch of books to my Oasis using Send to Kindle and then added them to collections on the site. It should have all synced to my Oasis which is sitting at home waiting for me to get home from work.

David November 2, 2017 um 4:36 pm

How do you manage collections on Amazon? Guess I never looked on their site…

Juli Monroe November 2, 2017 um 5:58 pm

Under Manage Your Content and Devices, there is an option to select multiple books and then add to Collection. It works from both Books and Docs.

tired November 2, 2017 um 12:40 pm

I preordered mine late, but have received it today thanks to contacting CS. Since this happens with every single Kindle release I don’t think Amazon was caught unaware of how high the demand is. This is artificial scarcity plain and simple.

Mary November 2, 2017 um 1:34 pm

I agree wholeheartedly! It is laughable to think Amazon was caught unaware over and over and over. It is not a big deal for me to order one as soon as I hear about it because I usually have a month or so to change my mind. And if I don’t like it, I can always return it. Or sell it on ebay while it is still hard to get. I just went and looked and they are mostly between $290 and $321 except for one in Australia which is over $500 and has $45 shipping. He is a real dreamer!

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