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Kindle Paperwhite Audible Bundle Includes $79 Headphones, $129 Kindle Paperwhite

In the past Amazon has offered bundles that included variously a Kindle Fire tablet, case, and newspaper sub; a Kindle ereader and backpack; a Kindle, charger, and case; and at times it has included a Kindle Unlimited subscription in a bundle.

Now it’s offering a bundle that includes a POP brand BT headphones, a Kindle Paperwhite 4, and a three months subscription to Audible.

Amazon’s selling the bundle for $139, a pretty good deal considering the headphones retail for $79 and the Kindle costs $129 (it’s on sale now for $99).

It is the headphones that make this bundled price such a great deal. They have a solid 5-star rating on Amazon and boast a 16-hour battery life, built in integration for the Kindle as well as Audible  audiobooks. It comes with a case and an audio cable for a wired connection.

Amazon via eBook Evangelist

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