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Kindle Paperwhite Delayed Due to Supply Issues

A couple weeks back I reported on a delay in the international shipping for the new Kindle Paperwhite, and at the time I guessed that Amazon might be facing supply issues. It turns out I was closer to being correct than I realized.

Digitimes is reporting this morning that Amazon is indeed having supply issues.

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is seeing shipment delays as a result of the product’s supply chain. Because the device’s raw materials and production labor are in shortage, its production capacity is lower than expected; however, Amazon is reportedly working on the issues and will be able to meet year-end demand, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers.

My guess is that Amazon' s specific problem has to do with the screen and frontlight assembly for the Kindle Paperwhite. This ereader uses the new HD E-ink screen developed by LG Display, and the process for attaching the frontlight might not have all the bugs worked out.

On the other hand, Digitimes could simply be repeating that older story and inventing a supporting detail. They’ve been wrong quite often before.

In any case, Amazon is still promising to ship the KPW the week of 22 October. That’s 3 weeks behind the original ship date as well as a week behind my ship date. But that delay has held steady for the past few weeks, so I’m betting that Amazon believes they have solved any supply issues they might have been having.

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Void September 27, 2012 um 11:47 am

Still waiting for an update for the Kindle DX.

Void September 27, 2012 um 11:48 am

Also page turn button like the non-touch kindle has to be added to the touch kindle for cases when using the screen is not a good idea (such as when reading while eating).

Void September 27, 2012 um 11:48 am

Also the ability to sort my books in some way without having to sit there and put them into shelves one by one ion the device itself.

Ralph Hummel September 27, 2012 um 11:52 am

Yeah, me too! DX updates are ay overdue. But you know what? I guess we have to wait until Christmas and Easter will fall on the same day. Very disappointing that a consumer device less than 3 years old does not receive any updates anymore, but also a way of getting us to consume more.

drj September 27, 2012 um 5:49 pm

There won’t be any new version. The very problem springs from the potential consumers for a 9 inches e-reader : mainly scientists (I am one of them) and enginers who look for a solution for their pdf files. Otherwise stated, a niche market Amazon doesn’t care about. This said, I have heard that there would be some modern new HD 9 inches e-readers from small competitors such as Pocketbook and Bookeen by Early 2013.

Void September 28, 2012 um 11:25 am

I’m also a scientist wanting to read papers. And they are one of the only things I would be willing to deal with the kindle’s shit organization software for anyway, since I would need to read them to sort through them so having to sort one at a time is not the issue it is for actual books.

fjtorres September 27, 2012 um 12:00 pm

Digitimes is (mostly) correct this time…
…just three days late.
CNET had this earlier this week.
The spin there is that demand outstripped supply so that *new* orders would be delayed past oct 22nd. Existing orders would still get shipped on time.

Nate Hoffelder September 27, 2012 um 12:16 pm

Cnet is a couple weeks late itself. They are simply saying the same thing I wrote earlier this month.

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