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Kindle Touch Does Streaming Video

The hacker who played a video on his Kindle Touch is back again and he has a new trick up his sleeve. His latest video shows a Kindle Touch playing a video stream from a webcam.

There’s little practical use to this hack, but it is a good indication of the capabilities of the Kindle Touch. It’s fast enough to decode a video stream and play it at 800×600.  That’s far better than the Nook Touch, which could (at best) show a video in 240p.

On a related note, the hacker has also posted a new demo video showing the Kindle Touch playing a movie. I updated my older post.

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Mike Cane March 28, 2012 um 5:20 pm

Nook Touch has the better hardware, especially inside. I don’t think anyone has bothered with real video because it lacks a speaker and audio jack.

BEans August 20, 2012 um 10:34 am


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