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Kindle Unlimited Funding Dips in February 2016 as the Per-Page Payment Increases

6355351769_766503f534_bThe indie publishing community may be in turmoil with the news that scammers are outsmarting Amazon in Kindle Unlimited, but business continues unabated.

On Tuesday Amazon announced that the Kindle Unlimited funding pool for February 2016 totaled $14 million, down from the $15 million (plus bonuses) paid out in January. (While the drop in the total funding may surprise some, I would remind you that we saw a similar dip this time last year.)

The per-page rate increased from January:

  • US: $0.00479 (USD), up from $0.00411
  • UK: £0.00305 per page (GBP), up from £0.00262
  • France: €0.00474 per page (Euro), up from €0.00408.
  • Spain: €0.00474 per page (Euro), up from €0.00408.
  • Canada: $0.00499 per page (CAD), up from $0.00476.
  • India: 0.104 per page (INRs), up from 0.1008.

P.S. Here’s a list of the monthly funding pools. It does not include the bonuses paid out each month.

  • May 2014: $1.2 million
  • June 2014: $1.2 million
  • July 2014: $2.5 million (Kindle Unlimited launches early in the month)
  • August 2014: $4.7 million
  • September 2014: $5 million
  • October 2014: $5.5 million
  • November 2014: $6.5 million
  • December 2014: $7.25 million
  • January 2015 – $8.5 million
  • February 2015: $8 million
  • March 2015: $9.3 million
  • April 2015: $9.8 million
  • May 2015: $10.8 million
  • June 2015: $11.3 million
  • July 2015: $11.5 million
  • August 2015: $11.8 million
  • September 2015: $12 million
  • October 2015: $12.4 million
  • November 2015: $12.7 million
  • December 2015: $13.5 million
  • January 2016: $15 million
  • February 2016: $14 million


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fjtorres March 16, 2016 um 12:34 am

eBook sales have demonstrated seasonality with peaks in early January. Shouldn’t surprise anybody to see similar behavior in subscriptions.
The sales part should make for an interesting AAP report when they get around to it by late summer.

Syn March 16, 2016 um 2:20 am

Amazon should have a minimum word count to be in unlimited. Even Audible is getting bad with 40 minute books. Everyone else abusing the system, ban them for a while, if they do it again, ban them permanently.

Will Entrekin March 16, 2016 um 7:59 am

A lot of people like shortform reading and listening. Forty minute books are perfect for morning commutes, for example, and I’d happily pay a dollar for a short story, just like I’d pay the same for a song on iTunes.

Syn March 17, 2016 um 4:06 am

I think that depends on the type of book. You can’t do any character development and a plot line that doesn’t feel rushed in 40 minutes. I read romance, scifi, paranormal. 40 minute self help, inspirational, cookbooks, sure. At 22 a month for 2 credits, I don’t want a 40 minute book and they are more than .99 cents on audible but a lot of times you can buy the 3 book for 3 or 4 bucks and get the audible for 2.

I don’t min a book of short stories but at those prices 40 minutes doesn’t give my money worth.

Mackay Bell March 16, 2016 um 8:35 am

One of the greatest things Amazon has done is give writers motivation to write short fiction. Why on Earth should they backtrack on that now with arbitrary word count minimums?

author/reader March 16, 2016 um 10:04 am

The U.S. increase in payout for KU is 17 percent. That is not "rose slightly".

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