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Kindle Unlimited Reporting is Down

If you are an author  with zero page views in Kindle Unlimited, you can put down the absinthe – -it’s not just you.

Dozens of authors on KBoards and in FB groups such as SPF community and 20BooksTo50K are all reporting that their dashboard in KDP is also reporting zero page reads in Kindle Unlimited.

This is a bug, but alas we do not know when it will be fixed. This is why I recommend that authors salve their suffering with alcohol while maintaining an expression like this cow’s:

image by exit78 via Flickr

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Marilynn Byerly July 30, 2018 um 12:05 pm

No, the author should spend this time considering putting their books elsewhere so they aren’t always the victims of Amazon’s glitches and software "fixes" that go after the victims and the innocent more than the guilty.

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