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Kindle Users Have Three More Days to Use Their Apple eBook Credit

The funds Apple paid out as restitution for its role in conspiring to raise and fix ebook prices in early 2010 ar about to expire.

In late 2015 Apple was ordered to refund ebook buyers who purchased certain books between 1 April 2010 and 21 May 2012.

That refund arrived in the form of a credit in the Kindle Store and at other ebook retailers (except in some cases where the retailer sent a check). Said credit showed up in the Kindle Store late last June, along with a caveat.

The credit expires after one year, and that deadline is approaching in three days.

You can check the status of your credit on the Amazon website.

The credit was worth between one and three dollars for each eligible title, so you have very likely used up all or most of your credit while buying Kindle ebooks over the past year.

But with the expiration date coming up, it’s still worth double checking to make sure you got what was coming to you.

image by grotos

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