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Kindle v4.8 for iPad, iPhone Adds Flashcards

kindle ios 4.8Amazon rolled out an update today for its Kindle app for iOS. With just two changes as well as the usual performance and stability Improvements, this is not a major update but it’s still one which students will appreciate.

Install the update and launch the app and you’ll find that it now supports Flashcards for Print Replica format textbooks on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Flashcards are a handy study tool which help a student test their memory of key terms and concepts. Like their paper analogs, most Flashcards include a word and definition. Students can make their own cards from a book’s X-Ray file or from their own notes. They can also edit or delete a card.

Flashcards are used to help users study, and when they’ve reached the end of the book readers will find changes to the "Before You Go" section. The newly enhanced "Before You Go" experience at the end of a book helps readers find books similar to the ones they just read and learn more about each book.

You can find the app in iTunes.

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