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Kindle Voyage On Sale for $69 at Woot

I don’t know where Amazon keeps finding these things, but they have the Voyage on sale again at Woot.

The five year old Kindle Voyage is available as a refurb for $69.  It is the Wifi model and has the now-standard 300 ppi Carta E-ink screen, but only 4GB of storage.  That is far less storage than is now standard on the Oasis or the Paperwhite, but if you are fond of the Voyage’s page turn buttons then the tradeoff is worth it.

BTW, you can also get the second-gen Kindle Paperwhite for $39. It also has 4GB storage, and it was the last Kindle model to support the old Kindle apps and games feature.

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Frank October 10, 2019 um 12:01 pm

The Voyage is a refub from people selling the Kindles back to Amazon for credit, so that is how Amazon keeps finding them.

Also, I am pretty sure the 2nd generation Kindle doesn’t support the older games features. I think Paperwhite 1st generation in 2012 was the last one.

Steve October 12, 2019 um 9:43 am

Frank you are most likely correct on where they come from. I pulled to trigger on one this time. I didn’t need it really but was cheap enough to have another lying around. Plus I wanted to check out and see if the screen was so much better like some people say

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